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Wann immer es meine Zeit zulässt, fotografiere ich – leider immer öfters digital, viel lieber aber auch analog, mit meiner alten Nikon F3 auf Kodak oder Schwarzweiß-Film. Hier sammle ich analoge Fundstücke  aus meiner Fotokiste, von denen jedes eine eigene kleine Geschichte erzählt.

  • Gilles Peress Exhibition The Fall

    Haus der Geschichte Bonn 2010 – Gilles Peress Exhibition – The Fall

    You know these „bigger-than-life-moments“? Sometimes they just happen, and sometimes change is in the air all around before something groundbreaking goes down – as was the case in November 1989. French photographer Gilles Peress had been roaming the streets of Berlin for days, shooting around 100 rolls of film, while he was waiting for „something“ […]

  • British Cathedral ornaments © Andrea Härtlein

    Britain – Where Churches Are Fairy Playgrounds

    Britain’s cathedrals and churches are filled with thousands of strange gargoyles and shadows, green men and elf-like figures. They all represent the nations medieval heritage displayed in the Gothic architecture of the 19th Century. „Gothic“ –  a light, spacious, and graceful architectural style is said to also have played an important role in reviving „British […]

  • ghosts & spectres of the past

    Capturing The Surreal – Really It Only Works The British Style

    Photography classes at my German college have taught me how to achieve precision and perfectionism – or at least they always tried to tell me that these were the only things worth going for in photography. How boring. Photography classes in Britain have taught me how to create an atmosphere that will give you the […]

  • Parade in Front of Buckingham Palace 2005 #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty © Andrea Härtlein

    Parading for Queen Elizabeth on her 80th Anniversary 2005, London, UK

    Excatly ten years ago I stood in front of Buckingham Palace while the preparations for the Queen’s 80th birthday celebration were going on. London was pulsating with life and visitors came and went to get a glimpse of the scene, when Buckingham Guards started parading, – obviously a preparation for the big event that would […]

  • Palace of the Republic Berlin

    Historic Tristesse: Palace of the Republic, Berlin

    On the day that this photo was taken in 2003, Berlin’s former „Palace of the Republic“ (Palast der Republik) was already in a state of decay. I was fascinated by the building because I had used a photo of it mirroring the opposite Berlin Cathedral for a cover layout, some weeks before. It had been […]


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