A Spicy WordPress Website – MySpotlight: Kanada

During the last few years WordPress has gained a lot of ground. Today it offers great online solutions for small enterprises who want to handle the content of their website(s) on their own.

MySpotlight: Kanada Website - using WordPress and the WPZOOM Framework

We have already mentioned that it it quite easy to build on WordPress without adding the usual blogger look-and-feel to a site. myspotlightkanada.com is another great example of what we can do with a sensibly limited budget.

Inspired by the world of blogging, WordPress brings along all the easy to handle assets and interfaces of a nice content management system. It needs little expertise to simply create an publish content and thus, to start out fast. It takes  a little more effort, to create a unique look – and that’s where we come in handy: For myspotlightkanada.com, we recommended a WPZOOM theme to the editor’s at TKK Business Services Ltd.

The advantages are obvious: The theme we chose offers a very individual and aesthetic desing and quite a few special features. It was easy to adapt through the custom CSS. So far it was even fun to create a unique brand for our client’s site while stuffing it with a few extras plug-in-wise.

Some of the original WPZOOM features are really amazing. They bring along a great framework that adds quite a bit of spice to the regular post and pages funtion:

  • the great java script based slider creates a very attractive entry page and
  • the included properties feature offers a fantastic way to integrate a showcase for TKK’s partners,
    including a great portfolio and a Google-Maps function

To boost the site a little, we installed a few extra plugins like Edit Flow, which offers great organizing structure and provides control over the publishing workflow. WordPress SEO and the Jetpack PlugIn, of course, help to build up traffic from search engines. Next to a very recommendable open source email marketing tool, phpList, which allows campaing tracking and a secure inhouse email marketing strategy, the site is conntected to all the important social networks and the Google Adsense and Adwords services. As we like looking to the future, we installed this WordPress installation as a network. So far TKK Business will be able to use it, to create other sites without having to do it „all over again“. Needless to mention: the site is also multilingual.